Hairstyle : ~Tableau Vivant~ Cadance @~Tableau Vivant~ 

Earrings : :: PM :: Selva in the Dark Set Feather @Marketplace

Overall : :: LOOSER :: Beverly_Overall @LOOSER

Shirt : ISON – draped crop tee (white) @ISON

Sneakers : [vershe] T3 (Fall Strips) @[vershe]

Necklace : BLOKC Crystal Necklace Amethyst Aura @CYOT

Backpack : AMITOMO.Black Mood Backpack @AMITOMO

Bracelets & Watch : GizzA – Asia Watch&Bracelet @Gizza


Hairstyle : ~Tableau Vivant~ Sherilyn – Basics @~Tableau Vivant~ 

Overall : [MAG] Mesh Denim Overall – Spike Jeans @Marketplace

Top : (fd) Corset Top – Fuschia @(fashionably dead)

Sneakers : FLite.-Clearports Burgundy @FLite.

Milk box : Kawaii Chocolate Milk Box @Marketplace

Necklace : [Mistwood] Female Necklace @Marketplace [1L$]

Bracelets & Watch : GizzA – Asia Watch&Bracelet @Gizza

Enjoy ♥!


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