~ Little Witch ~


Thanks to Halloween , we had the chance to see the most amazing outfits in Secondlife , a lot of designers worked hard for this year’s Halloween Outfits , and since we’re in this topic , i would like to thank all the amazing designers who work hard so that we can wear our favorite outfits .. and this year [Provocation] came back with such an amazing outfit called ‘ Witch Costume ‘ , Provocation is knewn by its amazing Roleplay outfits .. you guys should go there  & have a look , such an amazing designer ♥

I would also like you guys to go ahead & visit [Castellian] Hair Store , they’re new but i’m already addicted .. They’re one of my Top 5 best Hair Shops in SL .. So Thank you so much for bringing your amazing creations to Secondlife ♥

Credits :

Hat : RO – Magician Hat – Evoker

Hair : [Castellian] Isabely Hair – Brown

Dress : [Provocation] Witch dress

Boots : [Gos] Curvaceous Boot



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